Friday, April 27, 2007

All ready for "Wedding Day"

The big day is almost upon us. Four models are attending the shoot, three of whom will be participating in the desperation. Beverley, Nichole, Kelsey, and driver Sasha, will be trying to get to the church on time, even though they are struggling with full bladders.

If all goes well, we shall also record a "Waiting in Line" movie at the end of the shoot, for all of you who like to watch women waiting for the bathroom while desperate to pee.

More news soon.


Friday, April 13, 2007

New movies this month

As you will probably have noticed, I've just finished a set of movies with Beverley exploring protracted desperation and ultimate accidental wetting. It was certainly fun, but makes for a longer session. Bev was a trooper throughout the whole day, despite getting a bit ratty in the car - well, she was in a lot of discomfort towards the end.

I have also just filmed a new movie with Nichole and Kelsey which I'll probably call "A Visit to the Park". This is another, slightly longer movie, and in consequence, we were only able to record one movie owing to time constraints. I got the girls to drink a few bottles of liquid, then asked them to drive out to a state park. Kelsey was very brave and allowed herself to become incredibly desperate to pee, and actually lost control outside where anyone passing by could see what was happening. There is a bit of a storyline, but mostly it's just Kelsey looking for a restroom so that she can relieve herself, then finding one that's locked!

I thought it would only be Kelsey who peed herself on this occasion, but on the way home, Nichole complained that she was bursting to pee. When we arrived, Kelsey made a dash for the bathroom to finish emptying her bladder, while I waylaid Nichole and asked her not to use the bathroom. She suffered a little inhibition, but she did managed to release her pee into her jeans.

Next is a shoot with a new model, Alexa. We have two storylines arranged, and if there is time, we'll try to do a third one. Alexa seems very enthusiastic about working for B2B, so I'm hoping it's going to go really well with her.

After that, of course, is the big 4-model Wedding Day shoot at the end of the month. I confess I'm still a little nervous about the cost, but I hope it will be as popular as the survey indicated and pay off.

Friday, March 09, 2007

1,000,000 page views

I have to say that when I started up the Bound2Burst site in May 2005 with the intention of just posting a few stories on the internet, I did not envisage even a remote possibility that I would still be maintaining the site after nearly two years, and that the number of pages viewed would so quickly rise to seven figures. Initially, I thought my fetish interests were in a minority, but happily, I have been proved wrong. Now, rather than a limited future for the site, I foresee many more stories and movies. Alas, this means more hardship for me, giving up my weekends to film models peeing themselves, and sometimes having to endure tying them up. It's very stressful. No, really.

You may have noticed that the number of models willing to work with me is slowly growing. I have not been trying to rush this. I only approach models who have that something that I'm looking for, and with the exception of Erika Kole, I have stuck with ones who were previously unknown in fetish movies. This gives the movies fresh and individual look, an individuality helped along by my penchant for creating storylines, something that is missing from most other fetish websites.

A new issue of the B2B-zine is underway, which features an article on Beverley. There may also be some news about two other models whom I am scheduled to work with over the next month, but much depends on how things turn out. I'll also be discussing my plans for the Wedding Day movie which is now set for filming on April 28th, and I will also be answering some questions which I often receive regarding the limits of what I will do on the site.

My wife has suggested that I ought to hold a competition of some kind with a set of movies (perhaps as many as five) as a prize. I think it's a good idea, and I'll give some thought to what kind of competition it should be. Maybe I will ask for the best movie idea, and give first, second and third-place prizes. But who will judge? Well, I have a few people in mind who have no vested interest and could do that, so someday soon, perhaps I'll post such a contest.

More in the B2B-zine, Issue 3 some time next week.

All the best,

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Movie update

Hello everyone:

First of all, thanks again to those of you who provided feedback for the Wedding Day movie. This kind of information is extremely useful to me because I operate on a modest budget and can't afford expensive mistakes. I hope that the movie I produce will be one that you want to buy.

Despite my earlier caution, justified to some extent because one of the new models let me down, I have posted a little bit of news about Beverley. She seems very organized and I have every hope that she will deliver as promised.

When I told her what I needed her to do, she said she would have no problem since she needed to pee most of the time, being fanatical about staying hydrated. She tells me she drinks about a gallon of water every day. I'll make sure she drinks a gallon the afternoon we work together, which should render her ready to burst, quite literally.

Soon after Bev, I have another shoot booked with Nichole and Kelsey, and one of the stories we'll be doing is called "The Difficult Client" where Nichole is a masseur who has a snooty, rude client named Miss Henshaw. Nichole, having had enough of the woman's attitude, secures her to the massage table wearing just a thin top and panties (Kelsey, that is). She then refuses to let the woman go when she complains that she needs to pee. Knowing Kelsey's propensity of getting extremely desperate during a shoot, it should be pretty spectacular!

I shall start work on "The Secretary Who Had to Hold It - Part 3" very soon.

All the best,

Monday, February 05, 2007

Larger Movie Format

We recently decided to switch to offering movies in a larger format than before. This is partly because we have acquired more bandwidth to compensate of these larger downloads, and because a number of you asked for the movies to be better quality.

As you may have noticed with the higher definition version of Shopping Trip, we did plan to charge an extra dollar per movie to offset the higher operating costs, but upon reflection, this seemed unnessecary at the present time. If, eventually, bandwidth consumption rises to a really high level, we may have to defray some costs, but for now, the price of the movies will remain at the same level as before.

Several new models have been booked for shoots this month (February), and hopefully they will take place. However, because this is by no means certain, I hesitate to go posting photos as I've done in the past. It is fun to expand into new territory while continuing to film with models with whom I've worked before. The good thing about working with models multiple times is that we get to know one another and the initial awkwardness disappears, making it easier to produce better movies (in my opinion). Once they feel comfortable (well, on one level at least) working with me, they have more fun during the shoot, and I think this is reflected in the out-takes where there's often plenty of humour.

A few words about the movie survey: the theme of elegantly dressed women in situations where they simply cannot pee has been broached by a number of you now, and I'm more than happy to give you what you want, if enough of you want it. The survey, as I've intimated there, is to determine whether or not I'm likely to emerge from such a venture with my shirt still on my back. The story in question, Wedding Day, would cost about three times what I normally pay to produce a movie, so naturally I'm a little hesitant. Most (although not all) of the movies do pay their way after a while, and then go on to generate enough capital to invest in making other movies. But I would only need to have a few expensive shoots bomb before it wiped me out financially. It is, after all, still very earlier days for B2B movies.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have written with their comments about the website and the movies, for your words of encouragement and story ideas for future productions. I do consider them all, I promise you, and will make as many as I can given the constraints (!) of this kind of movie making.

Best wishes,

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We have recently acquired the domain name in addition to the .com version. More news soon.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

B2B Update on Movies and Stories

Hello again. Time to update you with news of how things are going with the movies.

The first movie, "The Insurance Investigator", was posted on 20th October 2006, followed a few days later by "An Afternoon With Nichole". Both of these movies have sold well, especially the former. I've also received quite a bit of feedback, most of it very positive. My thanks to those who wrote to me.

One of the interesting aspects to emerge from posting the movies has been the interest in what goes on behind the scenes. There is certainly plenty to tell - each shoot has its own issues, and each model experiences several desperation crises. Rather than relay specific incidents one at a time, it occurred to me that it would be worth collecting these into an on-line, downloadable magazine, or eZine, containing the back-story on each shoot, and some photos.

I am therefore planning to set up a subscriber option, so that if you're interested in receiving news about the movies, you will be able to sign-up. I plan to include behind the scenes information on the making of completed movies, as well as announcements about forthcoming movies, who in scheduled to star in them. I've decided to call this on-line magazine the "B2B-Zine".

News on Stories:

These have been appearing less frequently of late because of the time it takes to prepare movie scripts, then film, edit and post the movies. However, I have certainly not lost interest in posting stories, and will be writing more in the near future. At the moment, I am working on a sequel to last year's "The Extra Christmas Present", called "Amanda's Revenge". I very much like the Julia and Amanda characters, both of whom have some foundation in reality. I used to know a girl a lot like Julia who had a youthful, good-looking mother, and both of them were into, shall we say, alternative interests! It was a fun time, but all good things...

Recently, several people have written to me offering stories in the near future. I hope they pan out so that the archive can continue to grow.

Have a great Thanksgiving, if you're in America.

All the best,